Unmatched experience in challenging automotive conventions


years combined auto comms experience


over 1 million new vehicles sold

The Spinach auto expert team

Any agency will tell you they love cars. At Spinach we’ve raced them, worked on them, polished and buffed them and sold more of them than probably anyone. We’ve upended status quos, been making digital ads since digital was a thing and greasing wheels long before that.

Plus, we know how dealers tick as much as customers.

For a point of view on the future and constant access to the most senior auto comms minds around, give us a shout.

Brands we've grown

Insights that drive growth

“From early days in retail, I know nothing really happens until somebody sells something. And in Australia’s auto market – where it’s just big enough to attract a lot of brands, but small enough to make ongoing financial success difficult, Spinach never takes its eye off the ultimate objective – the culmination of campaign elements, marketing efforts and dealer partnerships, to sell units; month after month, year after year.”

Craig Flanders

CEO & Co-founder

“Buyers are currently in a weird state of apprehension and excitement about the type of cars they’ll be driving. Brands with strong value props and industry leading promises, combined with meaningful and unexpected ways to communicate them, will win.”

Frank Morabito

Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder

“Autos have a huge opportunity to leverage the continued combination of media fragmentation and media innovation. This means a step change in the quantity and quality of storytelling more effectively than we’ve ever seen.”

Ben Willee

Media Director & General Manager

“Marketing cars to the modern female means distilling complex behavioural data into quality insights that remove the guesswork. Ultimately it’s about creating online experiences that better reflect the ideal showroom service model. One that empowers women as much as men in the purchase decision.”

Nicole Miranda

Director of Client Services

“Achieving perfection on an OEM website should be the aim of any UX designer. If someone isn’t obsessing over things like configurators and build tool dwell times constantly then it’s time to look for someone who does.”

Lauren Swioklo

Senior Digital Designer

“Driving Mazda to success over so many years showed me that real power as an auto brand means no piece of comms is an afterthought. Every brochure, social post, film, website module, every service reminder eDM must be delivered with ruthless consistency, packed with personality, and be best in class.”

Dom Megna

Executive Creative Director

“After 25 years working with local and global brands, I’m a believer that brand success comes from stories that connect companies, their people and customers. In high involvement categories like automotive, these stories need to inspire at every point of the journey. Not just the top of the funnel because opportunity is everywhere.”

Glenn Myatt

Strategy Director

“With almost 30 years across all sorts of auto advertising I know cars open minds to all types of creative ideas. Aged 20, I bought my first car. A classic ’64 Ford XM, three speed column shift. The gear leaver snapped two weeks in, so a Sidchrome screwdriver became my gearstick. My first ever automotive creative thought.”

Justin Groves

Senior Creative

What we will deliver

End-to-end creative and communications strategy including connections planning.

Access to our most senior people, at all times.

Data capture and conversion into illuminating and actionable strategies.

Efficient production capabilities that leverage a vast array of contacts.

Industry leading CRM that delights drivers in new ways.

An extensive dealer engagement program with dedicated people and materials.